Sunday, April 13, 2014

A peek at my studio office... Something Old, Old, Old and Something New

We have finally started moving me into the bigger of the two bedrooms
 that used to belong to our girls.
(It seems like just yesterday that these were their childhood rooms.)

There's not too much to show you at this point as we're in the VERY beginning stages of making this my studio/office. Unlike others who move at the 'speed of light,' we move at the 'speed of snail.' In my old office, the computer was on top of this desk but it will now be used for writing and paying bills.
This photo was taken last night, right after we moved the desk in. 

And this photo was taken today with shadows created by the late afternoon sun. The "something old, old, old" in my title refers to this gorgeous old desk, my beautiful chalkware Mary, and the fabulous parakeet lamp on the desk.

The "something new" is the reduced-price chair I picked up at Target a few weeks ago.

I found this old antique desk at a sidewalk sale about ten years ago.
It's one of those rare pieces that you just know if you pass it by, it won't be there the next time you go back, so I grabbed it on the spot that day!

I know the extremely distressed finish would have sent some running for a sander and can of paint. But I'll borrow a quotation from Mark Darcy when he told Bridget Jones how he felt about her..

... because truth be told, those were my precise feelings when I spotted said desk...

"Perhaps, despite appearances, I like you very much.... Just as you are."
Yes, this desk and I were 'meant to be' as much as Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones :)

Now you might have noticed this beautiful lamp sitting atop the desk. 

Isn't it positively the most perfect lamp ever for my old desk? I mean just look at the colors!
I paired it with this old, broken shade I've hung onto for some reason or other. 
Perhaps this was the reason for hanging onto it?
I have to say, it's growing on me!

I have to thank Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage and Jean at Horsefeathers of New Paltz for helping me bring these gorgeous parakeets all the way from New York to my little office!

Thank you both so very much!

And last, but most definitely not least, is this gorgeous old chalkware Mary statue. Since most of my studio office will be decorated with vintage Catholic pieces, she's just perfect.
This photo was taken last night, right after the move...

... and this photo was taken in the late afternoon sun.

So that's a peek at the very beginning stages of my office. I have my computer/transcribing desk set up over by the window and will share that next. I'll also be setting up a painting table/desk in that area eventually, when we really determine what size will work in this room. And, of course, no artwork will be hung until I'm 100% certain of the room arrangement. I'm also going to be on the lookout for some kind of rug for underneath the painting desk. (These new hardwood floors definitely need to be protected from this messy painter!)

Now to figure out how to keep Baby away from that parakeet lamp and Mary statue!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby strikes again...

 The picture of innocence.

Not so much.
Get ready, Baby, because I'm going to spill all of your secrets.

Once upon a time the dining room bay window looked like this, 
with a beautiful white pedestal bird perched to the left.

Now I have to be honest, it already had a crack in the breast and a 'patch job' on the beak from when my handsome Mr. B...

...  knocked it over years and years ago. (Wasn't he gorgeous?)

So the bird that looked like this just last week 
(with the cracked breast and patched beak)...

... ended up looking like this. (Yikes!)

After a terrible glue job, it now looks like this. Not much better, I'm afraid.
Hopefully when I have more time I can do a better repair job.

90% of the time Baby is very well behaved.
(After all, look at the company she keeps!)

But the other 10% of the time? Oh, boy!
Baby knows she is not supposed to be on the counter. Does she look guilty?
I don't think so either.

From the time Baby was adopted at 6 months old...

... she was pushing all the limits!

Not much is safe from Baby when she gets into one of her 'moods.'

On rare occasions, valances have been pulled down.

But on a daily basis, runners end up on the floor.

What was once a beautiful, matching pair of vintage boudoir lamps...

... has now been reduced to a single lamp.

The beautiful pressed flower frame that holds a cherished photo of my mom at 4 years old...

.. is now shattered beyond repair.

Every year we wonder if we should put up a tree...

... and nobody's feet are safe in the bathroom when Baby is 'hiding' behind 
the shower curtain before her sneak attacks!

So if we could, would we change a single thing about her?

(photo altered with PicMonkey - link on sidebar)

Not in a million years!
(unless you count maybe being a tad more graceful :)

Have a great week, everyone.
I'm joining Brenda at Cozy Little House for Tweak It Tuesday and
Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

For the love of blue birds...

 I picked up this bluebird music box statue at a thrift store about six years ago because,
after all...

... who doesn't love bluebirds?

A few years later this bluebird gravy boat came home with me because, again,
how could I resist the bluebirds?

I own this video of Shirley Temple in The Blue Bird. 
I love Shirley Temple. And bluebirds.

And this little green 'bluebird house' storage box came home with me from a thrifting expedition a few years ago because... Well, I think by now you know why.

So now that I have this little guy and his friends visiting my very own back yard on a regular basis (for the first time ever!)...

... I've made sure I have all the necessities on hand to entice them to stay such as 
Insect Suet and Mealworm Suet and freeze dried mealworms...

... and fresh water (in a heated birdbath as it's often still below freezing here in New England!)...

... and we put up one bluebird house in the back yard 
(it's the birdhouse that is new wood and hasn't weathered yet)...

... and another in the side yard, both placed 6-8' high because my research said 
that that's the height bluebirds like!

Yes, I'm doing all I can to keep these beautiful little blue birds as regular visitors...

... because it's been THE most amazing experience having them visit us on a daily basis -
a once in a lifetime experience!
(or at the very least, a once in 33 years experience since that's how long 
we've lived in this house without ever seeing a single one!)

So are we tweaking our yard to make them feel welcome?

You betcha!

I'm joining Brenda at Cozy Little House for Tweak It Tuesday
and Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our little black dog.... a love story :)

It was 3-1/2 years ago that Mr. J came to live with us and I wrote all about it in this post

He was about 9 to 11 years old at the time.

 We learned quickly to not forget to bring the bag of trash out before leaving the house, 
even for the shortest period of time!

Mr. J  immediately became a beloved member of our family, and is to this day!
He's a pretty low key family member, so I'm afraid he doesn't get as much blog time as Baby, his wild and crazy feline sister.

Exactly one year ago today, March 23, 2013, Mr. J came home after a 3 day stay at an Emergency Animal Clinic after life-saving surgery. His spleen had ruptured and he was bleeding internally. Our vet had us rush him to a 24 hour clinic where they could remove his spleen and then watch him for several days.

(Our poor baby the day he came home)
The doctors suggested that if he seemed to be handling the anesthesia well, that they go ahead and remove his right eye at the same time. The lens had shifted and we'd been working with our own vet to try to correct the problem, but nothing seemed to be working. Both our vet and the emergency vet felt he would be better off just having the eye removed, so we agreed.

After all, we'd had first hand experience with our sweet Ms. Gizmo (who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2008). She was about 13 or 14 when she had to have her eye removed to to complications with diabetes. And we'd seen how well she'd adapted to one eye, despite being practically blind in the other. She lived several more very happy years being a one-eyed pup.

And just like Ms. Giz, Mr. J has adapted wonderfully. 

Here he is napping with little Lamb Chop on his favorite chenille rug.

It's right in front of the hutch which sits between the dining area and living room.
There's a reason he likes this spot.

When he finally wakes from his naps, he has a clear view to the kitchen.
He knows what is in the kitchen.
Dog treats.

You'll see how he still has laser vision when it comes to catching a dog treat, 
even with just one eye!

And here he is retrieving Lamb Chop after a game of catch and, as always, enjoying a little tug of war at the end. His little tail starts wagging whenever we start that game!

Yes, our little 'Enchanted Cottage' wouldn't be quite so enchanted without our little Mr. J (who loves nothing more than to bury his nose in the snow before he comes inside!)
(This picture was not taken today - our snow is JUST ABOUT GONE!!!)

Have a great week, everyone!